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3 Important Things to Consider Before Adopting a Dog

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3 Important Things to Consider Before Adopting a Dog

There's no denying that dogs are super-cute bundles of love and fun - so it's little wonder they're among the most popular household pets. Adopting a dog, however, is a major decision and a huge commitment. That's why it's vital to consider these 3 factors before you make that trip to the dog shelter: 

  1. Don't Rush In!

Adopting a dog is not a decision to be taken lightly - or made on impulse. You will need to be willing and prepared to provide love and care (and get stuck in with daily doggy duties!) for the rest of your dog's life. If the dog will be a family pet, ensure the whole family is in agreement that they want to bring a dog home, and establish who will be the primary caregiver for him. Do your research on the shelter, different dog breeds and the illnesses they're prone to, and what your dog will need over the course of his lifetime. 

  1. Check Your Funds!

Owning a dog comes with ongoing expenses; you'll need to have the funds for pet food, vet's bills, and more - now and in the future. It's a good idea to put money aside for emergencies too and to have pet insurance. Consider whether or not you can really afford to own a dog - and what would happen if your funds run dry. 

  1. Make a Care Checklist!

List all the things your dog will need from you, such as food, a cosy bed, stimulating toys, grooming and dental care, somewhere to play and exercise, veterinary treatment and vaccinations, and - above all - time. Can you provide all of this? Are you willing to invest time, money, effort, and love for the rest of your doggy's days?


Being a dog owner is costly, hard work, and sometimes challenging - but it's ultimately fun and rewarding. Taking into account the above points should help you decide whether or not dog ownership is right for you - and for the dog too.

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