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A Glimpse on the Different Types of Terrier Dogs 

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A Glimpse on the Different Types of Terrier Dogs 

Whatever dog you prefer, you will find terrier dogs among the candidates for a BFF. You'll get the energy you want with minimum grooming and added intelligence. Typically bred for hunting and killing vermin, Terrier dogs are known to offer a wide range of features that you might find lovable. They are not like cuddly toy dogs and might not be as intelligent as some other breeds. Nonetheless, compensates these with various other things that only they can offer you. 

Let's discuss in short some of the terrier dog types that you may see interesting:  


Less aggressive but not quite. This describes Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers. They are alert and spirited, but when the call for steadiness, they will show you confidence and steady disposition. This breed gifted with intelligence, which makes them very comfortable with the training. 

Parson Russell Terrier is a dog that shows boldness, intelligence, and affection. Many of us may find this a playful partner, it is still not advisable for everyone to bring back the Parson Russell home. A formal obedience training is a must for potential owners since this dog breed is more likely to be naughty and playful that makes this a very independent dog. People with active lifestyles and patience can tolerate mischievous disposition; this fellow friend is the best suited for you.  


Norwich Terrier, is another type of dog that resulted from breeding small Terriers with other small breeds, maybe like Yorkshire Terriers. Maintenance of Norwich Terrier doesn't cost much, and they are comfortable with any home. They are active, loving, and courageous. Additionally, they also display happy personalities which make them suitable pals. More or less like the Norwich Terriers, Norfolk Terriers are also spirited, fearless, loving and always anticipating a game. Both interestingly have similar physical characteristics; Norfolks can still be distinguished through their folded ears.  


Kerry Blue Terriers are excellent watchdogs and do well on the farm. It got its name from its blue shade coat color type, which was initially black during puppy time.  

Wire Fox Terriers display power through its high endurance capabilities and, of course, speed. Alert and quick movements are the traits of this dog. The owner is recommended to train this dog and should give it enough exercise regimes.  

Smooth Fox Terriers are active types of dogs that are ideal for country and city living. Showcases cleverness, this dog makes good trainees and must be credited. They show enormous affection towards their owners. These are some of the many terrier dogs that can be considered as your next BFF. 

Generally, this dog type has good dispositions and makes a beautiful home pet. While some may display aggressiveness, this should not negate the fact that most of them do have the capacity to be affectionate and loving to their owners. A word of precaution, though, that some dog types in this breed can be playful and should be given enough attention and time during training and exercises. 

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