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Cats Ringworm

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Cats Ringworm

It's hard to imagine the number of cats that get the common pet disease - ringworm. Cats Ringworm is a common yet serious fungal infection of the skin, nails, or fur caused by a particular type of fungi called a dermatophyte. In cats, about 97 percent of ringworm infections are caused by the same fungus, Microsporum canis, a microscopic organism that lives naturally on most surfaces of the body. The fungus is highly contagious and often infects humans as well.

Ringworm in cats is an infectious skin disorder, among which is maybe quite common. Unlike humans, who experience a similar form of the infection on their body, cats are protected by their thick hair and are more likely to hide this infection. As such, it is quite difficult for cat owners to spot the symptoms of the disease, especially if they have pets that have not been tested yet.

Ringworm in cats is caused when the hair becomes infected. The fungal spores are transferred to the skin when the scratching animal scratches the surface or when the infected animal gets wet. The fungi start multiplying rapidly inside the body and infect more of the affected areas. If there is too much activity occurring in an infected area, the disease's spread is rapid.

As with any other skin disease, there is a good chance that a cat could be affected by ringworm in cats. Ringworm in cats is not dangerous and is treatable if caught early. However, it would be best if you did proper cat care to avoid the spread of the infection.

To evade the spread of the disease, you need to provide your cat with an ample amount of cat care. Ensure that your cat is always groomed and has its nails trimmed regularly. Keep them clean so that any dirt or grime is removed by grooming. Keep a clean cloth or towel near the pets so that the cats can use the cloth or towel to clean themselves and prevent the spread of the fungi.

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Cats litter box should be filled regularly to prevent any spreading of the ringworm to other cats. Periodically clean the litter box with disinfectant to kill any fungi that may be hiding there. Keep the litter box as clean and dry as possible to prevent the spread of the fungus. And to avoid contact with the contaminated litter box from preventing the spread of the fungus to other cats.

If you kind of suspect that your cat may have ringworm, consult your veterinarian right away for further treatment. If untreated, the infection can also spread to the human skin and lead to more severe health problems.

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