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Clever Hacks You Need to Know When Grooming Your Cat

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Clever Hacks You Need to Know When Grooming Your Cat

You may think that because your cat grooms himself by licking his fur, you don't need to invest in grooming tools or spend time brushing him. While cats are indeed adept at keeping themselves tidy, they all need a helping hand, especially older cats or long-haired breeds.

Brushing your cat is a great way to decrease the chance of him getting tangles and hairballs. It also allows you to check for wounds, lumps and ticks, and helps strengthen the bond between you both. In short, it's essential and enjoyable!

But what if your cat hates being groomed by his human? Here are some clever hacks to make grooming easier.

 Start at an Early Age

If you have a kitten, this is the ideal time to introduce grooming with a brush or comb. Your pet will get used to the sensation and will also benefit from your assistance as he is inexperienced when it comes to grooming himself.   

 Go Slowly and Gently

Begin by stroking your cat with your hand to relax him. Ensure the room is quiet and only practice in short sessions to minimize stress. Don't force your cat to cooperate if he resists; some cats enjoy being groomed but many do not.

 Try the Latest Tools

Regular brushes and combs are great for the job, but what if your cat is stubborn and really hates the experience? A pet grooming glove is your friend in this instance! It simply fits on your hand like a normal glove but allows you to remove loose hair and knots with the soft rubber tips on the palm. Clever, huh?

 Sweeten with a Treat!

Reward your pet for his patience (and for not shredding your arms with his claws!) and he'll come to see that grooming time is fun time!

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