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Does Your Dog Need A Bed?

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Does Your Dog Need A Bed?

Bringing your cute, fun-loving puppy home for the first time, so you want your dog to sleep with you. Yes, I know you can't resist; he's furry warm and snuggly. In all honesty, this is not a good thing to do for you or your pet. You will need a dog bed and to encourage the correct behavior at the outset. Sure it's fun for now, but when your dog grows to its full potential at 100 lb, will it be such fun after all? If you adopted a dog from the shelter, it might prefer it's own place. Your dog may want its own space to feel secure and safe.

Well, there are medical reasons too. If you get your BFF used to sleeping in one spot, he will tend to spend less time sleeping on the floor or another hard surface, which may cause arthritis and calluses in years to come. Starting in the right manner can help keep your dog fit and healthy. They even make orthopedic dog beds now to help address this problem! Now that we have an idea that a dog bed is important, what type do you get? It depends on your dog size and preferences. Ensure the bed is big enough for your dog even if it's a perfect fit for your house and matches the decor, it's really important that your dog can lay down in the bed. If not, then the dog bed will never be used.

Next on the list of requirements is probably a chew proof bed, especially for puppies. There are multiple styles of dog beds, such as indoor or outdoor, heated or not, travel or car beds, and as previously mentioned, orthopedic beds for the older dog. Select one that fits your dog's needs and lifestyle.

Some things to consider are that the bed is totally machine washable. Both your dog and the bed are going to get dirty so you'll be washing both regularly though not at the same time! Fleas are a major consideration too, and cedar shavings can help stop them from becoming permanent residents.
Take a little time and put in a little effort into selecting the ideal dog bed, and both you and your dog will enjoy a great night's sleep and wake up refreshed and ready for the new day!

Check Out Our Orthopedic Dog Bed To Ease Your Dogs' Anxiety! One of the highest quality pet beds produced! Ultra Soft and extra comfy.

Did You Know? 1 in 4 dogs experience anxiety on a daily basis. When left untreated, built up stress can lead to a severe loss of appetite, destructive behavioral problems, and a shorter life span.

The Solution? Most of the time anxiety in pets can simply be solved with a better night's rest. That's where our bed comes in. The Comfy Bed blends coziness and extravagance all into one pleasurable sleeping experience for your beloved pets.

Our Orthopedic Dog Bed Features: Extra comfort - Ideal for pets who love to curl up! The raised rim provides head and neck support, while the super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief. Your pet will be sooo relaxed! Eases Anxiety - The raised rim creates a sense of security & coziness. Cleaning dog hair is easier - When your pet sleeps, it sheds hair. Let them sleep in an area where it is concentrated, and you will have less to clean up! Ultra Soft, made from ultra soft fur. It is one of the comfiest materials we sell. Its long fibers are soft durable, and machine-washable.

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