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Everything You Need to Know About Caring for Your Cat

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Everything You Need to Know About Caring for Your Cat

Everything You Need to Know About Caring for Your Cat

Cats are often viewed as being fiercely independent, a little fussy, and disdainful of their human slaves! But that's not to say they don't require a helping paw from their owners (they just hate to admit it). Here's everything you need to know about caring for your cat.


Your cat will need a complete and balanced diet, via wet or dry food or a mix of both. Food should be positioned where your pet feels safe and kept away from the litter box. Dry food can be put inside a feeding ball to provide mental stimulation and physical exercise. Kitty should also have a constant supply of fresh water (never give cow's milk). 


Cats can spend a whopping 16 hours a day snoozing (!) so it's vital your pet has somewhere soft and cosy to curl up. Some cats like specially designed cat beds; some prefer a cardboard box and a blanket. 


Provide a litter tray or an enclosed litter box, positioning it where your cat feels safe enough to poop. Be sure to clean it out at least once a day. 


While cats do groom themselves, you can help by brushing your pet's coat to prevent knots and matting, especially if he's a long-haired breed. 


Whether your pet is an indoor or outdoor cat, you'll need to make time for play, cuddles, and interaction. Try a variety of toys to discover which type your kitty prefers. 


Cats can become extremely anxious when exposed to loud noises (fireworks) and unfamiliar situations (a stranger visiting the house). It's therefore crucial that you give your pet somewhere quiet and cosy to hide when he feels nervous. A cat tower is also beneficial, as cats like to climb up high when stressed.

Your Kitty Supply Checklist:

- Cat food

- Dish and water bowl

- Brush and comb

- Litter box and kitty litter

- Interactive toys and scratching posts

- Cat bed or box with a soft blanket

- Cat carrier

- Safety collar with ID tag

- Flea and worming treatments and a cat first aid kit

- Registration with a reputable veterinarian

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