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How to Choose the Best Toy for Your Dog

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How to Choose the Best Toy for Your Dog

Playtime is one of the best things about being a dog owner. You get to bond with your pooch and he gets to let off steam - it really is fun for both of you! Adding dog toys into the mix takes the fun to the next level, but how do you choose the best toy for your dog? 

Think about your dog's breed

Some dogs, like lurchers and terriers, are born to chase things, so a classic ball makes them happy! Breeds like collies, however, are super-intelligent and love a challenge, so a toy you can fill with treats will keep them stimulated.

 Observe how your dog likes to play

Does your dog like to play fetch or tug-of-war with you or just sit and chomp toys on his own? If he loves human interaction, a ball or frisbee to chase or a rope toy to "attack" would be the ideal choice. If he prefers to play alone, a squeaky toy or knotted rubber ball will satisfy his need to chew (and be good for his dental health too).

 Consider why you're buying the toy

Do you need a toy for when you go walkies or play together? Or is the toy intended to keep your pet occupied when you're out at work? If it's the latter, puzzle toys and toys with interesting textures should give him something to focus on (other than tormenting the cat and trying to raid the kitchen bin!).

 Try out different types of toy

Buying a few different styles will help you learn which ones your dog prefers and which ones don't really interest him. And thanks to our range of affordable dog toys, this method doesn't have to cost a fortune! Why not shop our range - you may just find your dog's new favourite toy and the key to having fun with your furry friend!

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