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How to Keep Your Cat Calm on Visits to the Vet

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How to Keep Your Cat Calm on Visits to the Vet

Are you a cat owner? Then you've probably experienced the struggle of taking your stressed-out kitty to the vet. Cats are notoriously stubborn and often nervous of new things. But there are some simple hacks to help keep your cat calm on visits to the vet.


The #1 rule of cat calming?

If you are stressed about the situation, then kitty will pick up on this and stress out too. Remain calm and be patient with your pet. Hopefully, she's used to being handled so you can gently place her in her carrier ready for the journey.


What if your cat really hates the carrier?

Calming a stressed cat in this situation requires some cunning tactics. Leave the carrier out in plain sight for a few days prior to kitty's appointment. She'll get used to its scent which will help her feel more relaxed when it's time to get inside.


You can also try spraying cat pheromones inside the carrier. These special sprays are designed to help cats relax during periods of stress or upheaval. Place a soft, cosy blanket inside the carrier too, so kitty feels safe and snug. Try offering catnip treats to distract your cat, either when she first gets into the carrier or when you arrive at the vets.


And if a conventional carrier isn't your thing...

...try a cat carrier backpack! Our Astronauts Space Backpack is a clever and cute way to transport your pet to the vet and it's the best cat carrier for skittish kitties. The window offers great visibility so you can check on your cat and she can watch the world go by. It has holes for breathability and fits over your shoulders like a regular backpack, keeping your hands free for opening doors and paying at the desk. With a kitty backpack carrier, you can both enjoy a stress-free visit to the vet!

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