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What Are the Cutest Dog Breeds?

What Are the Cutest Dog Breeds?

There are a lot of great-looking dogs on the planet right now. They have distinct traits that can make them adorable. But if you're looking for a new addition to your family there are a lot of cute dog breeds to consider including Portuguese Water Dogs, Yorkshire Terriers, Poodles, Maltese, Pomeranians, Golden Retrievers, Abyssins, Dalmatians, Beagles, and more. This article will discuss some of the cutest dog breeds around today and I will tell you why each one is so unique and interesting. 

Portuguese Water Dogs - These are small breeds that are very loving and affectionate. They are good-natured and very intelligent, and are known as the dog of choice in Europe. You'll love how they look in a little tank or tub. They also make great pets and are great for those who like to have a companion that is quiet and stays quiet. 

Yorkshire Terrier - These are great family dogs and make great watchdogs. You should be careful not to get too big for a Yorkshire, but because of their great looks you will probably want to anyway. They are small and adorable and very energetic. Because they are small though they also don't like being handled too much, but that shouldn't stop you from getting one! 

Poodle - This breed originated in Germany, and they are in the Poodle category of dogs. They have long, flowing coats that add to their charm. Poodles also have a very friendly temperament, making them ideal for families with children. Their small size makes them great for apartment life, because they don't need a yard to roam around in. Poodles also like company and will often lie down and sleep with you. They have great eyesight and are quite intelligent, making them entertaining for families with young children. 

Beagle - These breeds look a lot like pointers and come in a variety of colors including white, black, and blue. Their intelligence and playful nature make them good companions for children. They are also very affectionate and can become destructive when they are bored. Because they are so cute though, a Beagle is usually raised by his or her parents. 

Jack Russell - These dogs were originally bred to run fast and heavy, but now they are considered graceful. They have a long, sturdy body structure with a short, square head. They are very affectionate and a good choice for families with children. They don't shed as much as other breeds, and although they can be somewhat sensitive, they are not destructive. They do make great watchdogs though.

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Is ice water bad for dogs?

Is ice water bad for dogs?

The question, "Is ice water bad for dogs?" is one that has been asked and answered for years. While there are many different opinions on this topic, the fact of the matter is that water is not good for all animals, including dogs. In fact, it is not recommended that you give your dog regular water or even boiled water. That being said, you must know the pros and cons of ice cubes before deciding if this is something you want to try yourself at home. 

First off, if you have ever given a dog a glass of water in the past, then you realize that it is not good for them. This is because most dogs do not like cold water; in fact, they find it to be very disagreeable. However, if your dog is stressed or anxious, then the cold water can actually help them calm down. Plus, ice-cold water is also better for them then a hot glass of regular water. 

is ice water bad for dogs

Another reason that ice cubes can be helpful is because dogs cannot stand long periods of time standing in the water. In fact, this is a condition known as swim bladder syndrome. When they are forced to stay in the water for an extended period of time, it is very uncomfortable for them. This is why you may want to take them out often in the hot weather. Of course, it is important that you do not drown your dog; but you can use ice to counter the effects of a swim bladder issue. 

Also, while most people do not realize it, you should be very careful when using ice water with your dogs. Most commercial brands will be pretty clear and safe, but others are not. You definitely do not want to give your dog anything that is colored or sweet smelling. Also, make sure that the ice cubes you use are not too large or small. Some manufacturers add some dye to the water, which can cause your dog to be sensitive to the smell, even if they are only used for ice water. 

You may also want to consider whether you want to use ice cubes, or just bring your dog inside to the yard. If you do not have a back yard, you may want to bring him inside for this winter. An indoor yard is usually a lot safer for a dog during the summer heat than an outdoor one, especially if you do not live in an area that experiences heavy rainfalls or snowfall. 

Overall, you should take care when using commercial ice cubes during the summer months. Do not give them to your dog for drinks, as the liquid in the cubes will heat up the dog's body, making it very uncomfortable. Also, you need to make sure that you are not drowning your dog by giving them a drink that is too hot. A cooler temperature is much better for your dog during the winter months. Natural dog food does not contain any chemicals, and does not affect the core temperature of the animal.

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The Lovely Frenchie Bulldogs

The Lovely Frenchie Bulldogs

The origins of French Bulldog are shrouded in mystery. Many believe they were imported in smaller quantities to France in the 1800s; others believe they were originally brought to America by escaped French prisoners of war. Whatever the origin, the French Bulldog has become a firm favorite among dog owners, and many consider them to be an icon of the show dog category. Because of this popularity, many misconceptions about these dogs have arisen; in this article, we'll take a look at some of the myths commonly associated with this incredibly popular breed.

One of the most common misconceptions is that French Bulldog puppies are highly aggressive. The truth is that the aggressive behavior of bulldogs is actually more temperamental than it is aggressive. The aggressive behavior is more of a display than anything else and is intended to show the other dogs that they are in their territory. In general, the temperament of French Bulldog puppies is very good.

Another popular misconception is that French Bulldog puppies are difficult to train and make great pets. The truth is that training is actually easier than it was back when the breed was first imported to France. The American Kennel Club now classifies the breed as medium to large size. They are very intelligent and have a strong desire to please their owners. They are also very willing to conform to the needs of their owners, and rarely if ever do any kind of harm to the animals they are being raised for.

The last major myth about the French Bulldog relates to its origin. Many people believe that this breed was created in France by accident when someone stuck a puppy's nose on a piece of meat. This puppy then proceeded to nurse the meat back to life and birth a litter of puppies with identical nose, only with a much longer nose. These puppies were then taken to England and bred, creating the French Bulldog we know today.

As you can see, there is no need to believe that the French Bulldog originates in France. The origin actually is in Great Britain. There are close relatives to the modern-day French Bulldog such as the Boston Terrier, Alaskan Malamute, and even the British Cocker Spaniel. However, it is widely believed that the Bulldog was created in England in about 1850. Whether the origin of the Bulldog was accidental or not, the breed has become quite popular in North America.

They became a favored pet in France and even developed their own name: Frenchie. Their traits of being small, compact, and loving make them the ideal companion dog for the elderly, as well as an excellent choice for young children.

Appearance, behavior, and health problems: One of the most common health problems experienced by new Frenchie Dogs is hip dysplasia. This condition develops when the hip joint's cartilage is not developed properly, causing the joint to become softened, malformed, or even torn. This condition often leads to the development of osteoarthritis in the area of the hip joint. Other health problems include allergies, ear infections, skin disorders, and some tumors. Some tumors require surgery.

There are several other unique characteristics that make these dogs unique. They have wrinkled faces, short coarse hair, long ears, big eyes, and a wrinkly/thickened undercoat. Many people consider the Frenchies to be a very friendly and playful breed. They can easily bond with other pets, including other Frenchie dogs, cats, hamsters, and rabbits. They enjoy bonding with children and playing with them.

Frenchie dogs make great companions and loving family pets. They make great first pets because they are so easy to train and manage. They are a relatively cheap option over other breeds of dogs. In fact, many new pet owners choose Frenchie puppies as a pet because they are less expensive than other popular breeds of dogs, including mutts, gerbils, and toy poodles. This is in part because the Frenchie dogs are very gentle with other pets and very easy to housebreak.

The average size of this breed is three to nine inches. The average weight for these dogs is up to thirty pounds. These dog breeds average roughly twelve inches in standing reach, although there are some individuals that may be a bit taller or shorter. Their tail can be somewhat short or long.

The masked fawn Frenchies are known by many names throughout the world. Some of these names include French rabbit, French-born, French bulldog, miniature rugger, sable, fawn French bulldog, and American biber mix. It is very rare for any of these names to change. The sable, fawn French Bulldogs, are originally from France. Many of the owners are unaware that they are actually related to the franchise dogs, although they are not the same breed.

First of all, let me define what this type of dog really is - it's a cross between a Mastiff and a Poodle. The difference is that a Poodle's hair is longer than a Mastiff's, and a Mastiff has a lot more power when attacking. So, when you compare the two, you'll see that a Frenchie has very similar characteristics as a Poodle, except that a Poodle will have much longer hair. Here's a quick comparison of the three major different types of Frenchie dogs to help you decide which one you'd like to have as a pet.

There's the Miniature French Bulldog or MBD, which is the smallest of the three main types of Frenchie dogs. They're extremely friendly and very protective of their owner; however, they're also somewhat tiny, which makes them less stable and agile than the other two. Still, despite their miniature size, they're extremely playful and energetic and very protective of their owner. These dogs are excellent around children, and have a great love of children (this is what leads to the breed being called the Childs' Dog!)

Next there's the Standardbred Frenchie which is a larger version of the miniature French bulldog. They're larger in order to make up for the smaller size of the miniature French Bulldog, but they still have a smallish body size and medium sized heads. These dogs are very alert and energetic and will generally get along with other larger dogs. However, they can be a bit possessive of their owners, especially when it comes to who they feel should be the sole owner of the dog.

The Toy and Miniature French Bulldogs make up the third type, and they have almost the same body structure as the larger type but are a bit smaller at the waist and neck. They have medium-length hair, are fairly thin-skinned, and come in many different colors. Because of their small size, they can't compete with the larger Frenchies, but they make excellent companions and friends. They are social by nature and enjoy living alone or with another smaller dog.

Last but not least is the Toy and Miniature Formosian. This breed originated as a result of crossing an Italian mastiff and a Chinese pug. They were basically created as a smaller version of the French Bulldog and were originally bred to act as a companion dog for children. Today, this is still how the breed is most often used, but they are also used as service and show dogs. They are very protective of their owners and can be quite tiny at times due to their extremely small size.

Regardless of which type of Frenchie you choose to get, there are many things you should know before you do. First, you should be prepared to pay a lot of money for these dogs. They are expensive because of the quality of the meat they are made of and the fact that they require a large amount of exercise to stay healthy and happy. They also are prone to certain illnesses and should be treated by a licensed veterinarian.

These are three of the different types of Frenchie dogs on the market today. They are large dogs but are extremely friendly and loyal. They are wonderful companions and dogs for people of all ages. They have a short coat and are almost maintenance-free. Overall, they are great dogs for anyone who is looking for a great dog with a big heart and a lovable disposition. 

Training a French Bulldog is no easy task. This breed was specifically developed for working in the mines. They have a very short attention span and can get boring quickly. The owner must be patient and protective if they are going to train this dog.

A young owner should not attempt to train their Bulldog on their own. Instead, they should join a training class. This will give them the confidence they need to train the dog properly. There will be other owners with much more experience that can help if there is a time that the owner does not feel confident enough to train their Bulldog.

The owner should begin by understanding what type of behavior is expected from their Bulldog. They should know that the French Bulldog is an intelligent breed that needs to be trained. The longer they are exposed to consistent discipline the less likelihood that they will develop aggressive behavior. It is best to start when the dog is about one-year-old to start the training. As they get older it becomes harder to effectively control them. They should be around people and other dogs at all times in order to learn proper manners.

There are some basic commands that are important for the owners to learn. One of these commands is "Sit." Dogs are like humans and if they do not understand something they will not sit. If they do not sit expect for the dog to jump on you. If they jump on you do not hit them, just guide them back to where they belong.

Some owners have found that it helps to start the process with the puppy because they are easier to train. The dog should be taught to sit by having the owner direct the puppy. A command word is necessary, such as "Sit" or "Stay" before the puppy sits. Do not use your voice or physical force on the dog.

Training a French Bulldog can be very fun. They are very eager to please their owner. Expect for this dog to growl a lot when they do not get what they want. This will eventually make the dog calms down. Training a French Bulldog can become frustrating if the owner does not practice patience and follows too hard on the leash.

When training a French Bulldog, the owner should take turns training the dog. This makes it easier for the dog to concentrate on the command. You can work on the sitting part one day and the rolling in the other. This makes the dog more likely to respond and do well with the training.

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The Most Famous Cats In The US

The Most Famous Cats In The US

If you are looking for information on the most famous cats in the US, there are many ways to determine that. This country is a huge place, and there are so many different things going on that there are millions of reasons that cats can be seen. To get an accurate figure, it's essential to find out which states have the most cats and which states have the least. There are even lists that break down which states have more cats than others and which states have the most dogs.


The most famous cats in the US might surprise you. The most famous cats in the US include the American Ringtail Cat, the Carolina Parakeet, and the Persianayan Bat Cat. These are only three of the most famous cats in the US, but they are among the most beloved pets. Both the American Ringtail Cat and the Carolina Parakeet are part of the Non-Petranian species of feline.

Of course, many other breeds in this country are the most popular cats. The most famous cats in this country include the American Short-haired Cat, the American Tree Hollow Cat, the Bengal Cat, the Burmese Cat, the Boston Terrier, the Camerario, the Chinese Crested, and the Colorpoint Cat. These are just a few examples of the most popular breeds, and there are probably many other breeds out there that are very popular and that you may not have heard of.

Most cats have names, and most cats have a unique name that tells you something about their personality or appearance. Some of the most famous names for cats include Bell, Boner, Bumble, Boulder, Biscuit, Bro, Coffee, Cracker, Dancer, Dingo, Fido, Ginger, Jazz, Kitten, Liberty, Looney, Muffy, Nappy, Peek-a-boo, Popeye, Rascal, Scratchy, Speckled, Tuff, and Yogi. Some of these names are more generic, while others are particular.

The most popular colors for cats in the US are usually black and brown. Most of the most famous cats in the world are typically colored. This is because many people like to distinguish their cats from other breeds of cats by coloring them. Cats can be solid-colored, multi-colored, or any number of different colors.

In many cases, the most famous cats in the US are bred to be of a specific color or type. For example, the black Maine Coon is often breeding to be a purebred, quality black cat, although they come in all colors. The most popular color for a cat in the US is usually white, followed by silver, black, tan, and pink. The cat feline is currently going through a color shift as it becomes more widely accepted in the US.

There are many famous cats amongst celebrities. From Bruce Springsteen to Peaches, from Garfield to Chesterfield, fromatti to Beethoven, cats are admired for their uniqueness. And with their numerous faces and appearances, they have become the latest fashion accessory for celebrities. Even politicians have come out as supporters of certain cats. With the constant blitz of marketing campaigns and advertisements in the media, it is hard for the average citizen to get away from the cats and their antics.

For instance, President Barack Obama had a pet hamster named Pikachu. This is the latest trend endorsed by the American President. A lot of Americans are loving Pikachu and look forward to meeting the president and having him touch it. And that is the reason why the Internet is flooded with photographs of Pikachu with the famous American president.

Then there is Garfield, who was made famous by Bill Murray. Garfield is a boy bear who lives in an apartment with his friends. The best feature about Garfield is that he always sniffs the faces of the people who enter his house. This makes him the cutest cat on the planet.

Celebrity pets are also loved by millions of people, even if they do not necessarily fall under the category of celebrity pets. Just like cats, celebrities are loved because of their distinct appearances. There are many famous cats amongst celebrities such as Oscar, fluffy, Ginger, and lumberjack. Each one of these icons has different looks, but they all are adorable in their own way.

In the case of ginger, she is often seen carrying her gingerbread doll or eating cookies. In the case of Oscar, he is the one who tries to win over the affections of the judges with his winning speech. These cats appeal to different types of people. For example, gingerbread cat is loved by young girls. On the other hand, Oscar is loved by people who are very rich.

Other than cats, there are other types of celebrity pets, such as dogs. People can find their pets adorable when they come to visit them in their houses. Some people are allergic to dogs, while others do not like them at all. Celebrities have made their mark in the world and people who have not yet considered having a pet of their own, just look at them as soon as possible.

There is a wide variety of options available when it comes to purchasing famous cats. Different people will like different types of these celebrity pets. Therefore, they should be bought keeping in mind the personality of the owner. Some cats will be more demanding than others.

The internet is a great place for purchasing these famous cats. It will allow the person to browse for the type of cat they desire. The person can also look for the prices of these celebrity pets and choose the one that suits their budget. A person can buy them online after browsing and making comparisons among all the options.

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Dogs with Down Syndrome

Dogs with Down Syndrome

Dogs with Down Syndrome, or the most commonly known as LD, are those dogs that have diagnosed with a progressive or degenerative disease, such as neurofibromatosis (NF) in humans. There are several forms of this disorder in dogs, with some of the more common than others.

Any person who has spent enough time around dogs understands the similarities between a healthy dog and a human being. The bond of a canine to its owner is quite fitting since its characteristics and the differences are very different. Most dogs with Down syndrome live their lives surrounded by their family members. They have a loving home and are often cared for by a devoted human family member.
Just like humans, there are several levels of muscular activity on the canine's body. When these muscles are not working correctly, it can result in a variety of symptoms, from limpness, or even pain when walking, to a variety of other problems. When you care for your canine, make sure that the activity level is kept at a healthy level, so that he will not be too uncomfortable.

dog, dogs

Several different factors can cause this condition. It is sometimes genetic, while others are environmental, such as overfeeding, malnutrition, or other problems with your dog's diet. The severity of the symptoms and the canine condition will determine how serious this problem can be.

Dogs with Down Syndrome are just as much a part of the family as healthy dogs are. A routine with your canine should not only include him getting exercise but also playtime with his friends. This allows them to interact with others and meet new people they may not otherwise meet, which can help keep them mentally active.

They can be a loving, loyal companion, or can be a challenge to own. If you have any doubts about this issue, take a few minutes to consult with your vet and find out if there are any health concerns you may have overlooked. Dogs with Down Syndrome are known to be highly intelligent and have a very high ability to learn. They are often very trainable because they have a keen eye for detail. However, their lack of physical coordination makes it difficult to move around on their own, even if they are adequately cared for.

They are a part of the family for a long time to come and can do well with time. Although the emotional aspect of owning a dog with Down syndrome may seem a bit difficult at first, it is not nearly as challenging as you might think. If you are ready to bring a canine into your home, do your best to provide them with the best life possible. And to care for them properly.

The physical difficulties will eventually fade away, and the dog will enjoy being a member of the family for many years to come. As your canine grows older, you will be happy to know that they are enjoying their new and improved abilities, and you will become happier knowing that they will be loved and well taken care of.

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A Healthy Cat Knows What Is Good

A Healthy Cat Knows What Is Good

As all pet cat owners know, a feline could be a fantastic accessory for any
family. Probably the most simple facets of pet cat possession are appropriate overall health care for the kitty. Wellness care for a feline encompasses a variety of vaccine shots, flea protection, vet sessions, medications, and also appropriate exercising.

Even so, the central aspect of cat health can also be often disregarded. Individuals spend hundreds of hours and lots of money on the lifetime of any feline to maintain it healthy, but a majority of kitty owners don't spend practically ample focus on the proper kitty food. The correct pet cat meals are entirely essential to some healthful, delighted kitty. But what exactly is the finest kitty food items to your cat? Although each cat could have little different dietary requirements, there are a few standard regulations that need to be considered when looking for pet cat meals.

First of all, pet cats (similar to their man managers) require an exceptional diet.
This implies the ideal kinds of healthy proteins, body fat, carbs, as well as significantly fewer additives and substance artificial additives, the better. The majority of the study available on the web does not evaluate specific brand names of kitty foods, around particular components to feed your pet cat, and which to stay away from! Pet cats need to have an excellent protein diet plan. Wild kittens and cats are quite predatory, and kittens and cats get significant amounts of their nutritious requirements from healthy proteins. Home kitties, without wildness, continue to have lots of the very same nutritional needs as their outdoors feline counterparts. So, the primary substance in every pet cat meals is healthy proteins. Remember This!!

Carbs will also be a significant part of your kittens and cat's diet plan, although much less critical as healthy proteins. Cats should certainly derive the vast majority of their nutritious requirements from health proteins, so kitty foods which are full of carbohydrates might not be the ideal. Interestingly, a lot of the superior brand names of cat food, for example, Eukanuba and Innova offer you just what most pet cats need, and aren't more costly over time. This is because top-end feline diets need to have a smaller sized serving amount compared to lower-end feline foods.

When comparing a premium manufacturer like Eukanuba, to your cheaper brand, the price difference for that suggested serving portion is merely a nickel per day. Additionally, since a pet cat will consume less of the high-end feline food, their waste will be reduced. Yet another element of cat food that needs consideration is the standard of the protein from the meals. Due to the way several animal foods businesses explain the various meats in the food items, it can be challenging to determine just what is the distinction between chicken flavored, and chicken dinner is. 

Meals containing chicken meals are only able to be produced from the skin, flesh, and bones only. This is the most effective kind of healthy protein for a feline.
Meals containing meat byproducts can provide nearly any wildlife elements and are of lower quality than a chicken meal. Foods that are certainly chicken-flavored only has the taste like chicken, but may not contain any animal meats.

Typically, Chicken is better than beef for kitties. Plus, it will go without saying, synthetic ingredients, as well as unnatural colors, needs to be prevented whenever possible. Even though certain scientific studies are inadequate on this subject matter, perform to understand that preservatives and coloring will harm individual well being. It only makes sense that kitties will also be negatively affected by artificial coloring and chemicals in their cat food.

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Adopting A Dog and His Early Days

Adopting A Dog and His Early Days

If you have been ever thinking of getting a new pet, have you thought about all the alternatives open to you? The obvious choice people make, when it comes to a whole new canine is to go to a specialized dog breeder. A good dog breeder will be able to offer a pup that has been inspected for genetic issues, illnesses, etc. and definitely will often provide a top-quality pedigree pet that ought to be free from problems that plague plenty of dogs.

This is ideal for many people; nevertheless, it will come at a price. There is a substitute - adopting a pup or adult dog. It all depends on what you and your family need. We know puppies are cute and irresistible but some may prefer adult dog.

Several puppies are without homes at animal shelters or humane societies. These pets are often a target of circumstance. Either an owner has died, or even an aged individual cannot cope any further. Sadly, though no fault of their very own, they have wound up homeless. Adopting a dog could be a great way to offer a loving house to one of those pet dogs.

Many people are involved; they may end up getting a sick pet, or a canine that could be intense by obtaining one coming from a shelter. Most pet shelters will verify a dog's permanent health and a great personality; in case you can find any issues; you will be informed about them. Also, a lot of shelters provide in-house instruction to boost the likelihood of a pet dog getting a new home, which is excellent for every person!

The best way to begin adopting a pet dog would be to take a look at your nearby animal shelter. Convey to the employees there, what kind of canine would match yourself and your family. Bear in mind that in case you have small youngsters, acquiring a huge pet may not be a wise idea. Similarly, in case you have an apartment, perhaps think about obtaining a little dog that doesn't demand vast amounts of workout. Some forethought before you decide to get there can make choosing the ideal dog for you much easier.

When you take your brand-new dog to your residence, envision, and attempt points from her viewpoint. Your new canine has probably been through a lot in the past, so delivering her to one more new house may well be frustrating. A very important thing to do is keep her on the leash initially and then gradually introduce it to your home. Allow her to sniff each room until she has got a feel in her new environment. Also, take her to ease her bladder if she continues to be on a lengthy vehicle trip together with you. Once she has settled down, allow her to roam freely inside your house. This will give her the opportunity to discover 'her' spot. By this, I mean her favorite place. All of us have an ideal area where we love to travel; dogs are no different. For those who have purchased a new dog, your bed or blanket for the new coming, this may be the spot to put it. She will naturally go to that spot, so using a comfortable new bed there will help her settle in.

Your brand-new pet may be very quiet for the first few days, but don't worry; this can be part of the settling in the method. After a while, your puppy will undoubtedly be fully inclusive as a new member of the family. Adopting from a pet shelter is a great way to get yourself a new partner and a wonderful way to make a unique and satisfied upcoming for the dog. There’s always the feel good factor. 

Now Let’s talk about naming your puppy

You've picked out the perfect pup. You put in several hours on the internet, investigating the best breed for yourself and your family. Then you certainly moved from breeder to breeder or human culture to humane society, meeting and greeting pups before you locate the right match.

Okay, now what? He needs a name! What is it going to be?

Over the course of life, you will make use of your dog’s name more than 35,000 times. So be sure you are choosing a pet name that you love. It is not that difficult actually.

With these easy steps, the real key to finding the ideal pup name is Close at Hand!

Pet dogs fully grasp brief instructions. Easy names with two or fewer syllables work nicely.  Stacy and stay are far too close for convenience. This kind of name will simply mix up the problem. Bear in mind; you'll be utilizing your pup’s name in public. Stinky could be sweet among your fellow fraternity participants, but it won’t go over nicely in the veterinarian. Youngsters like it basic, too, in case contacting your Champ Cavalier Master Spaniel Bootsie works well with them, take into account maintaining the hoity-toity name strictly for AKC reasons. You may think it's a respect to name your pup after you’re favoured Grandfather Norbert. Naming your infant after him may keep you within the will, but naming your dog after him may well not. If you’re getting home a more mature pet, ideally, stay with the name it already has. Can’t imagine it because Barney was the first child who broke your coronary heart? Barney morphs into Farley very easily. As soon as you've picked a name, try it out for a day roughly. You'll know whether it’s a keeper. Or even, there’s always much more dog names on the list!

Take a peek surrounding you. Almost everywhere you happen to be; you'll discover several terrific ideas on things to name your pooch.

At first, a couple of things will stick out concerning your new dog. Appreciate your pug for a day or two and get these into account. Don’t get excited and name him the very instant you met him.

Physical appearance. What your puppy appears to be? His shade and size, and personal style inspire many different options. Stubbs might be a fantastic name for a dachshund pup. In a couple of days, your brand-new BFF character will sparkle. Try Cuddles for that sweet small guy who loves to get comfortable or Puddles for your pooch who can’t seem to find the doggie doorway.

To go beyond the fundamentals, many well-known canine names or international pet names can fit the bill. Consider these preferred puppy brands when creating your decision.

Celeb puppy brands. Pooches, today have more celebrity following than their well-known proprietors. Chew on Lola, a name used by both Hilary Duff as well as the Osbournes. Tv set dogs. Scooby and Astro come to mind to honour a famous TV puppy. Motion picture dogs. Great movies and cool pet titles manage to go Hand in Hand. High Hand, Lukes Blue, will be a fitting tag for a variety of pet dogs. Comic puppies. Snoopy will be a popular but additionally take into account Daisy or Odie German dog names.

To begin with, try out Fritz or Kaiser. Irish dog titles. Finn suits well for just about any puppy, as does Murphy, which just occurs to mean hound from the ocean. French puppy names. Pierre and Gigi are leading contenders for any dog, particularly those with a little oo-la-la inside their genes.

The options are limitless. Nonetheless, using these simple ideas plus some imagined, in a short time, you’ll have found the perfect dog name!

5 Top Tips on How to Train Your New Puppy

Aside from being adorable, puppies are naturally playful and curious - which can make training them a little challenging! But if you introduce basic commands when your puppy is still young, your training is more likely to be successful. With that in mind, here are five top tips on how to train your new puppy. 

  1. It's Never too Soon to Start!

Puppies can take on board information from a young age. Since your pup is likely to be around 8 weeks old when you bring him home, this is an excellent time to start teaching him simple commands. Training will also keep him mentally stimulated and happy as he grows. 

  1. Take Baby (or Puppy!) Steps at First

The best commands to begin with are "sit", "stay", "lie down", and "recall". These are vital for your pup's behavioural development and also his safety when you're out walking. Once he's mastered these, you could then introduce the concept of "fetch". As he or she progresses its time to add a few more words. Remember, do not rush, it is not about speed but how well your pup understands. 

  1. Consider Puppy Training Classes

Once your pet has had his vaccinations, you could enrol him in training classes. This will help him learn more advanced commands while allowing him to socialize with other dogs and people, which is crucial for his development. 

  1. Take the Time to Train and You'll Reap Rewards

Not only is training a way of moulding your pet's behaviour, but it's also a great way to strengthen the bond between you. Your pup will learn to trust and love you as you spend time with him and reward him for acing those commands! 

  1. Never Give Up!

Remember that training your pet is an ongoing task and you may experience some hiccups along the way. Ultimately though, it is extremely rewarding for both puppy and you, in addition to being important for your pet's well being. Introducing new commands can be tough for your pup and you, be patient. 

Training your new puppy won't always be plain sailing, but get the foundations right and he'll grow into a happy, well-behaved dog. 

The Cute Dog House Trend You Need to See!

Paws and Me always aims to "fetch" you the latest products for your pooch. I know you like to stay on top of the trending must-haves and the items that are designed to make your pet's life more awesome. I also know that your dog likes to look his cutest at all times! With that in mind... sit, stay and read on to discover the dog house trend that will make you roll over with joy! 

What's this trend all about??

Newsflash, dog owners: it's no longer enough to spread out a blanket for your buddy at sleepy time. Now, you have to up your game and give him a bed he can show off on his Instagram page! (I know he has one). So, get a nice picture of him and post it. Nowadays, dogs are getting more likes and shares than human. 

What designs should I be looking for?

Basically, plain and boring is out and anything novelty, irreverent and adorable is in! Take this hot dog bed for example; it's cute, it's amusing and it's designed not only for your pet's comfort but also to boost his Insta-followers! He'll be one toasty hot dog snuggled down in this and his face peeking out of the end will make you LOL too. Isn’t that cool? Your guest will be amuse too seeing your pup popping out. 

Not a junk food fan? Then how about this shark dog bed? More funny than fearsome, it's a colourful design with a wide-open mouth that will look so inviting to your pup. He can crawl in, curl up and sleep soundly knowing he's protected by a big ole' shark.   

How do novelty dog beds benefit my pet?

Designs like the ones mentioned above provide a safe haven for your pet to hide in and sleep in. If your dog is a puppy, on the small side or just the nervous type, then an enclosed dog bed with a roof (like the shark) is the best option. If he's a lazy breed and likes to chill in plush comfort, then the hot dog is the bed of choice for him!

If you need something for your cats and dogs, visit our Online Pet Supplies Store at

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Anxiety in Canines

Anxiety in Canines

An entire world without dogs will be nuts. It will be unhappy for most of us once we misplaced the most popular dog buddies. The good news is, virtually every home in America has one or more dogs. 

Canines are pets that want additional care and attention from us humans. When compared with pet cats, puppies are livelier and flashier for their buddies. Most Kittens and cats rest all day. It only moves towards anyone to get its dose of petting or to request for meals. More often than not, kitties would instead sleep or groom themselves. 

Pet dogs will vary. They may be playful; they communicate with other people, along with other dogs as well. They show admiration with their owner, in one method or another. Canines and Men are the most excellent companions, aiding one another and enjoying a great connection. 

Dogs are not only for home and used in the police force too. The police have canine devices that assist them in searching for different dangerous materials or items. Often, K-9 methods may also be used to look for missing folks. These specific canines can find or determine crime suspects by tagging the odor. 

Even blind men and women immensely reap the benefits of pet dogs. These puppies’ function as the eyes of their sightless owners. These dogs allow blind men and women to live a relatively typical life, allowing them to leave their properties and enjoy the outdoors, just like individuals who can see. 

Pet dogs have different individuality. It truly depends on the dog breed or perhaps the dog's background. These individuals are familiar with their dogs and know how they are living every day. The dog's everyday activities are often tagged o their owner's lifestyle. 

Some Dogs experience nervousness instantly when they are left by themselves. When they are kept alone, these pet dogs may become restless, which can be their way of expressing frustration or loneliness. This is called splitting up anxiousness in pet dogs. Canines can be nervous and bored, and when they see that their owner is not around, they may step out to chew on anything that they can get their paws on i.e., slippers, socks, cushions, and many other items. 

Chewing on several items that have the owners' smell (stockings, sneakers, the couch, or even the front door) is one of the many symptoms of splitting up anxiety in pet dogs. Other signs of taking into consideration will be constant woofing, uncontrolled pooping, and various ways to get their owner's attention. 

Probable causes of such behavior often involve dogs that were not properly socialized or dogs that were living in different homes. Should they demonstrate this sort of behavior, owners should have a second look at their canines to see if they have splitting anxiety. 

Dealing with splitting up stress and anxiety in dogs can be threatening to your carpet or furniture. Always keep some toys that will help your dog relieve their anxiety. Do remember to hug or pay attention to your dog when your back home and always remember to walk your BFF.

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