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The Cute Dog House Trend You Need to See!

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The Cute Dog House Trend You Need to See!

Paws and Me always aims to "fetch" you the latest products for your pooch. I know you like to stay on top of the trending must-haves and the items that are designed to make your pet's life more awesome. I also know that your dog likes to look his cutest at all times! With that in mind... sit, stay and read on to discover the dog house trend that will make you roll over with joy! 

What's this trend all about??

Newsflash, dog owners: it's no longer enough to spread out a blanket for your buddy at sleepy time. Now, you have to up your game and give him a bed he can show off on his Instagram page! (I know he has one).

What designs should I be looking for?

Basically, plain and boring is out and anything novelty, irreverent and adorable is in! Take this hot dog bed for example; it's cute, it's amusing and it's designed not only for your pet's comfort but also to boost his Insta-followers! He'll be one toasty hot dog snuggled down in this and his face peeking out of the end will make you LOL too. 

Not a junk food fan? Then how about this shark dog bed? More funny than fearsome, it's a colourful design with a wide open mouth that will look so inviting to your pup. He can crawl in, curl up and sleep soundly knowing he's protected by a big ole' shark. 

How do novelty dog beds benefit my pet?

Designs like the ones mentioned above provide a safe haven for your pet to hide in and sleep in. If your dog is a puppy, on the small side or just the nervous type, then an enclosed dog bed with a roof (like the shark) is the best option. If he's a lazy breed and likes to chill in plush comfort, then the hot dog is the bed of choice for him!

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