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Things You And Your Dog Need During Summer!

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Things You And Your Dog Need During Summer!

Summer season is here, of course, factors to consider your puppy is ready for one more season out of house doors. Majority dog owners spend a great deal of time outside in the Summer and spring a few months, getting their animals along to share with joy and fun. This makes them vulnerable to ticks and other animals that can be cause rabies and other conditions.

Each pet needs to be permanently shielded from distemper, transmittable liver disease, and leptospirosis. These vaccines are generally merged in one vaccination. From the age of 6 months old, all puppies ought to be protected from rabies. Most vaccines are useful for the first year, although rabies shots these days are good for four. They may be almost 100 percent efficient when administered timely as recommended by your vet, but useless if it is expired. 

After the initial visit to the vet, you can bring your pet dog to the veterinarian once a year to keep his immunization updated. An annual visit, request your vet to give a thorough examination, such as:

-pearly whites (taking away tartar if possible)

-anal glands (emptying them if necessary)

-nails (cutting them if needed)

-feces (if you believe he could have worms)

Female dogs require more consideration than males, specifically if they are bred. 

As you grow to find out your dog, you will be able to distinguish between moving symptoms of no relevance, slight chronic conditions, and the indications of disease and infection. One of the signs that warrant a trip to the veterinarian are:

-Temperatures over 102 degrees, or under 100 that will last for over one day. Or even a temp as much as 104, or as little as 99.

-Extreme pain in which there is no reasonable outline.

-Bloody pee

-Blood within the feces more often than once

-A discharge of mucus through the eyes or nose

-Continual sickness, coughing, or refusal to ear for more than 24 hours

-If your dog appears sick

A visit to the vet clinic will calm your nerves..

So what do you need?

Portable Dog Water Bottle:

If you're going for a long walk, don't forget to carry this pet-friendly water bottle that keeps your pet hydrated. 

  • Larger capacity: Comes in 350 ml, 480 am and 550 ml
  • Easy to use and key lock leak-proof design 
  • Perfect for taking your dog for hiking, jogging, traveling or for a long walk

pet bottle, pet portable bottle

Portable Paw Pool:


Summertime is enjoyable for you and your pups! The mini Pet Pool is made for dogs, and it is meant to last. Feel peace knowing that the mini pool won't tear or leak, while you watch your pups jump and swim around their private pool.

It's fun and cool for both toddlers, little kids, and pets. This foldable pool doesn't have the hassle of inflating it, can be used to bath, swim or dabble. 

pet, dog, pool

Dog Life Jacket: 

Everyone loves a beach outing with their pets. Even if you dog is an excellent swimmer, its best to don him/her with a good Life Jacket. 

dog, life jacket, swim

Training Ball Set:

Play with your dogs with these bouncy balls. These are high bouncing balls that can be used in the water for a splashing good time.

  • It is made of PU, which is durable and elastic.
  • Used to play Baseball/football/ basketball/ tennis
  • Ball diameter: approx. 6.3cm/2.48''
  • Bright color gives good visibility and helps prevent balls from getting lost

toys, dog toys


Car Seat Mat:

If you're traveling by car, you will need a car seat mat for your pet dog. This will prevent your car seats from getting wet and soiled. It's easy to clean your car when you have one of this..

car mat, pet mat, dog mat

Safety Seat Belt:

Please use a seat belt for your pet dog. This will ensure its safety and yours. 

Please check our range of dog seat belts. Safety is the most important thing. 

dog safety belt, pet safety belt

Painless Nail Trimmer:

If your dog is scared of having their nails trimmed, causing bleeding and discomfort for days, our new nail trimmer had been designed for these types of pets. Its the safest and easy to keep their paws healthy. It takes around 5 minutes to get it done!

✅ QUIET AND LOW VIBRATION - The Nail Trimmer is equipped with a quiet but powerful motor. It gently removes the nail layers with little noise (under 50dB) and vibration, so sensitive pet dogs/ cats won't be scared.

✅ STAYS COOL - Coated with pet-friendly grinder rotates at just the correct speed, preventing friction. 

✅ NO MORE OVER-CUTTING - Our nail trimmer gently trims away the layers of dog nails. No more worries about pains or bleeding.

✅ EASY TO CLEAN - Clean your trimmer with just a soft wet towel and gently brush to clear off nail dust.

✅ IT PAYS Off IN JUST 2 USES - Your trimmer will save you money and time for just 2-3 uses. 

pet grooming, pet nail trimmer, dog nail trimmer

Mosquito Repellent Bracelet:

Comes in handy when your out with your pet. Sprays and Lotions are messy and leave you feeling sticky. This Mosquito Repellent Bracelet is somewhat better. It's all-natural and toxic-free that can effectively repel mosquitoes. 

Would you like to become invisible to mosquitoes? By mimicking their natural enemies.  

Mosquito Repellent Bracelet has a trendy design in a natural color, and it's waterproof. 

Produces high frequency, unobtrusive sound waves to create a SONIC BARRIER that helps protect you from mosquito bites wherever you are with your pet dog. This bracelet keeps mosquitoes away without the help of toxic chemicals, odors &, etc..

Mosquito repellent

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