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This is How to Take Better Photos of Your Pet

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This is How to Take Better Photos of Your Pet

These days, every human and his pet has a social media account. Admit it: your dog or cat has an Insta page! But if Buster or Mittens wants to grow his followers and win more hearts, then he needs to up his selfie game (with a little help from you, of course!). So here are some top tips on taking better photos of your pet. 

  1. Lights, Camera, Action!

Great pet photos are ones that really capture the animal's personality. To truly let your pet shine in the spotlight, try taking some action shots. These could be photos of your dog chasing a frisbee or trying to catch a treat, or snaps of your cat leaping to grab a catnip toy with his claws outstretched. The sense of movement looks so cool and really brings the portrait to life. 

  1. Think About Backgrounds

Do you want your pet's portrait to be taken outdoors in his favorite part of the garden or park? Would you prefer to have him sit in front of a plain white backdrop to bring out his features and markings? Perhaps you want a more naturalistic, candid photo of him curled up in your lap? The background is all about your own preference! Just remember never to force your pet to do anything out of his comfort zone. 

  1. Create a Focal Point

All of the above is great in theory, but what if your pet is the restless type? That's where the pet selfie stick comes in handy! This ingenious device clips onto your Smartphone or tablet to catch and hold the eye of your pet during his photo shoot. Dangle a treat or tiny toy from the end and voila! You have the perfect attention-grabber and a perfectly still, well-behaved pet! The selfie stick is compact and portable too, so you can take it to the park or beach for outdoor photo shoots. 1 million followers will be yours (or rather, your pet's!).

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