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How to Have Happy Days Out with Your Dog

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How to Have Happy Days Out with Your Dog

The sun is shining, you have a whole day off and your furry friend is eager to get outside and play. Sounds like a great idea! But before you set off, you need to pack and prepare and find the best dog carrier. Because taking your dog for a walk in the park isn't always... a walk in the park! So here are some top tips on how to have happy days out with your dog. 

For a trip to the park or beach:

When travelling with dogs, it's important you remember a water bowl or bottle so your pooch doesn't get dehydrated. Take your dog's lead too to keep him safe (or his harness if you use one) and make sure he's wearing his collar and ID tag. Speaking of safety, always have a dog first aid kit in the car in case of accidents or injuries.

Pack a soft blanket for your dog to snuggle in, a towel in case he finds puddles to jump in and remember to protect your car seats with a waterproof blanket! Poop bags are a must, as are treats and some of your dog's food in case you get stranded. Take his favourite plush toy to remind him of home in case he gets nervy in the car. And don't forget a ball or frisbee to really liven up outdoor playtime! 

If you go hiking or on a long walk:

If your dog tires easily, has limited mobility or is the timid type, a dog carrier backpack is useful! Our Astronauts Space Backpack lets your dog rest his weary paws while getting a unique view of the great outdoors from a breathable space pod! The clever, comfortable backpack design allows you to carry him without experiencing aching arms or back strain. Your pup will feel secure and you'll both enjoy the happiest dogs day out!

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