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About Us - Paws and Me

Our pets bring us so much joy, don't they? They're playful, they're snuggly, they love us unconditionally... we're so lucky to have them in our lives! 

I wanted a unique way to provide those amazing pets with comfort, love and cute things. After all, they're man's best friends! So I established PawsandMe, an online pet supplies store packed with accessories, clothes and essentials for dogs and cats. 

Every PawsandMe product is high-quality and designed to make you and your pet happy. Browse my store and you'll find premium collars in cute colours, modern designs and durable materials (with matching leads for the on-point pup about town!). You'll discover dog leash and harnesses that deliver in terms of safety, usability and practicality. They make walkies easier and more enjoyable for both you and your pooch! 

If you want your furry friend to be fashionable, there are cosy-cute sweaters, sweet seasonal costumes and waterproof winter jackets - so your pup can enjoy the outdoors come rain or shine! And I sell quality dog beds and fleecy hidey-homes that not only look adorable but also provide your pets with a feeling of snug security.

So go fetch your faithful companions a little something from Paws and Me - one of the Best Pet Shop Online. And yes, they deserve it!